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Trusted Electrician Los Angeles provides professional commercial and residential electricians in El Segundo, offering excellent electrical installation and repair services. At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, we provide our customers qualified electricians who observe the electrical installation codes and guidelines. Our certified electricians offer years of experience and high-level skills. Therefore, by choosing to work with Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, you are assured that we provide our customers value for money.

At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, customer satisfaction takes priority. Therefore, by choosing us, we ensure that the services that we offer will meet your expectations in terms of quality and also in terms of speedy delivery. When called upon, Trusted Electrician Los Angeles personnel will show up in time and in branded uniform. We use branded trucks to drive to the customer’s site. Therefore, when we are on-site, rest assured that you are working with disciplined professionals. For the years that we have been in business, we have attained 100% customer satisfaction through the provision of quality services.

Trusted Electrician Los Angeles - About Us

Our Services

To schedule our services, talk to us on (818)921-7241. We are the top-rated electrical installation service providers serving the greater El Segundo region.
Here is a detailed overview of the services provided by Trusted Electrician Los Angeles.


Complete Home Rewiring in El Segundo

Homes that were constructed before 1950 will need a complete rewiring in order to meet the day’s electrical wiring codes and ensure higher safety standard. Therefore, this is not only a regulatory requirement, but it is also meant to ensure the safety of the home occupant and that of their appliances. At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, we have seasoned personnel who offer the best home rewiring service. Therefore, when you come to us you are assured that we will provide superior service, ensuring that your home is both compliant and safe.


Electric Panel Services

Another cause of concern when it comes to electrical services is the electric panel. Ideally, this is where the circuit breakers and the fuses are housed. In addition, the electric provides a clear guide and planning table for electrical installation. If your electrical panel is an older one, it is important that you consider upgrading the fuses and the circuit breakers. This is in order to be able to make sure that they provide an efficient service. If you experience frequent electrical faults, it might be a faulty electrical circuit breaker that requires an upgrade in order to support your electrical consumption.


Exterior and Interior Lighting Solutions

When you consider installing or updating the lighting in your home, contact Trusted Electrician Los Angeles. We provide professional lighting installation electricians who will provide you a high-quality service. At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, we offer traditional light fixture installation, outdoor or landscape lighting and interior lighting that best meets the customer’s requirements. When you hire us, we shall ensure that the service provided meets your requirements in terms of quality and fast delivery.


Installation of the Car Charger

For EV charging station installation, talk toTrusted Electrician Los Angeles. We come with a very pleasant experience delivering a great experience. Therefore, we guarantee our customers that the requirement will be met perfectly. Therefore, if you are purchasing the electric vehicle and want your private charging station within your compound or residence, talk to Trusted Electrician Los Angeles. We also provide commercial use EV charging stations.


Emergency Troubleshooting and Repair Services

Trusted Electrician Los Angeles provides experienced electricians who will ensure that the requirements of the customer are met 100%. When it comes to emergency cases, you need a fast and efficient issue resolution. Talk to Trusted Electrician Los Angeles and our technical team will be sent on site very fast. In addition, we have the experience required to investigate a situation and provide a fast problem-solving. At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, our electricians will arrive in branded trucks and in uniform to make sure you can easily identify our staff. In addition, we offer a fast and efficient service ensuring that the customer is satisfied. Contact our customer help desk for complete pricing on emergency response.


Call Trusted Electrician Los Angeles for electric installation, troubleshooting, and emergency services. We are readily available and we will ensure that your requirements are met. At Trusted Electrician Los Angeles, we provide our customers a pocket-friendly service. To schedule a service, call Trusted Electrician Los Angeles on (818)921-7241.